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Brujería for Beginners

Performed in 2022 as the main character in the full length play written by Keila Anali Saucedo, produced by 20% Theater & Lightning Rod, performed at Mixed Blood Theatre.

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A collaborative project with artist and musician Atim Opoka to create a public performance piece inspired by local Saint Paul activist and hip hop educator Reies Romero. This was part of the larger fellowship "Our Space is Spoken For" by Twin Cities Media Alliance for Saint Paul based artists of color. The process of creating this work and the performances themselves will be featured in a documentary in the winter of 2021.

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A ten minute play with an original song, both written by Johanna Keller Flores and produced by 20% Theatre in 2020. The story of a middle school aged girl looking to her friend and guardian angel for help as she experiences anger, jealousy, and love for her friend and towards herself.

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Marixa y La Depre

A one act play written by Johanna Keller Flores for Gadfly Theatre in 2019. Takes place in the future where a young queer Latina struggling with depression accepts an Artificial Intelligence therapist be chipped into her brain.

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Ceviche con Cancha

A ten minute play written by Johanna Keller Flores produced by 20% Theatre in 2020 imagining a future where climate change creates enormous fish, dry Peruvian deserts, and conversations on connecting to ancestors.

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Lightning Rod

Performed as part of a queer and trans led theatre intensive in 2019 and assistant stage managed the workshops and intensive in 2021.

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Brujería for Beginners

Written by Keila Analí Saucedo and produced by 20% Theatre. Johanna performed in the one act iteration of this play in 2019.

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Videos of Work

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tenemos la responsabilidad to hold one another

A collaborative writing and performance project with Ellis Peréz and Baki Porter as part of the Lake Street Story Circles created for Pangea World Theatre. This work was created in the summer and fall of 2020, filled with love, pain, and missing one another.


Created with artist Kieran Myles Andrés Tverbakk for Barebones' OFFERINGS in fall of 2020 in partnership with Teatro del Pueblo. Using Johanna's poetry and Kieran's expertise with found-material sculpture an altar was created to physically hold some of the emotions on Lake Street. The artists salvaged rubble being cleared away from the uprisings on Lake after the death of George Floyd as a base for this alter/planter.

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